Time Travel Is Possible?

Often depends on whom you ask: physicist or novelist.

In today’s New York Times Book Review (10/02/16), Anthony Doerr the novelist gives my favorite answer. You remember Doerr, the author of the terrific novel, All the Light We cannot See. Doerr reviews James Gleick’s latest, Time Travel: A History. 

In his book, Gleick correctly points out the physicist’s answer, namely, that time travel as imagined by science fiction writers is not possible. One of the greatest science writers of our time, James Gleick knows science.

But Anthony Doerr knows the power of novel. His answer to the Big Question: “The shelves of every library in the world brim with time machines. Step into one, and off you go.”

I think the novelist tops physicists with that one.

* * *

James Marshall Smith is a physicist and novelist. His debut thriller is Silent Source.

Visit him at http://www.JamesMarshallSmith.com

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