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James Marshall Smith’s debut novel Silent Source became an AMAZON BEST SELLER and Top 10 in Hot New Releases among medical thrillers during second week of release.

Available from  AMAZONBarnes & Nobleand wherever fine books are sold.

SILENT SOURCE was named, along with Stephen King’s End of Watch, as one of the Best Thrillers of 2016! (). The book has also been nominated for the 53rd Georgia Author of the Year Award for First Novel.

JUST ANNOUNCED (1/8/17) . . . Silent Source has been selected as a short-list finalist for the 2016 CLUE Awards, a division of Chanticleer International Novel Writing Competitions. The CLUE Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genres of Thriller and Suspense Novels.


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Forensic mastermind, Dr. Damon Keane, investigates a series of bewildering cases of a fatal syndrome—a slow, excruciating death —cropping up in Atlanta. Now a priest is dying at Grady Memorial hospital. Delirious and in torment . . . hints of torture carried out within the walls of his sacred church. The only clue for the crime is the dying priest’s rosary beads: they’ve miraculously turned the color of blood. But Keane knows he’s not chasing something supernatural. He’s pursuing a killer—a man twisted by anger and a lust for vengeance.

The mystery races from Atlanta to London’s Hyde Park to the edge of Siberia, a place once home to the world’s most secret atomic city, now mecca for the international nuclear black market.

The killer is making chilling preparations to unleash a cloud of death over the city of Atlanta. Keane is always one step behind. Time is running out.

Damon Keane has learned by now that the only way to take down this sinister madman is to outmatch his cunning in a face-to-face showdown.

It’s a bustling holiday weekend at the world’s busiest airport . . .


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Silent Source was a finalist in international competition for the Clive Cussler 2015 Grand Master Award.

Book giveaways at Goodreads.com generated over 7,000 entries to win a copy!

“One author has succeeded to make me feel the way James Marshall Smith’s writing makes me feel, and that author is James Patterson….The plot is complex, and the characters are monumentally conceived and masterfully sculpted. James Marshall Smith is the master of suspense, and he knows how to use it to build the tension in readers, playing with time and the unsettling sense of mystery built around the case. Overall, the story is fast-paced, spiked with surprising turns that will send readers jolting or gasping at times. This is one of the stories you won’t put down easily. Marshall Smith’s charm is irresistible and his characters memorable.” —Romuald Dzemo, Manhattan Book Review (5 Stars)

“Smith spins an unsettling story in his stunning debut. Amid an equally stunning and colorful cast, Smith zeroes in on his principal character, Damon Keane. A highly intelligent and talented man with a troubled past … Smith’s fictional narrative is a balanced mix of engaging dialogue and rich and often time hilarious metaphors that are woven into a flurry of unpredictable, nail biting, and clock-ticking scenarios … Silent Source is not only a top of the line read, but also one that should be on the Silver Screen.”  –Anita Lock, San Francisco Book Review (5 Stars)

A first-rate medical thriller that establishes new author James Marshall Smith as one of the year’s best newcomers … In a genre full of eccentric detectives and narrative gimmicks, author James Marshall Smith distinguishes [Dr. Damon] Keane with the plausible investigative processes he employs to get his answers. All Keane needs is a worthy adversary, and Smith gives him an exceptional one … The ensuing race against the clock spirals into a breathtaking and readily believable global manhunt. Smith . . . obviously brings a wealth of knowledge to the subject, but he never lets the story get so bogged down in the details that it ceases to entertain. It’s not going to far to say that every note rings true. If you like medical thrillers based upon actual science, put Silent Source at the top of your reading queue.–BestThrillers.com (5 Stars)

“James Marshall Smith’s ability to take the microcosm of one man’s crime spree and turn it into a wider-ranging threat demonstrates the difference between an investigative murder story and a thriller whose events include world-changing ramifications . . . . Take a tale of intrigue, add a dash of romance and investigative mystery, and sandwich these with seat-of-your pants action switching between perp and doctor/investigator for a thriller that will thoroughly immerse any genre fan seeking hot action and heart-pounding adventure.” Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

“ . . . fast-paced action, which spills out of Atlanta and into Russian Siberia, as the prime suspect seeks to further his alarming, deathly goals. The author does successfully connect these seemingly freakish deaths to a larger tale of international intrigue . . .–Kirkus Reviews

“. . . way, way above average. It’s beautifully paced and excellently written.” Richard Marek, former editor for Robert Ludlum ( Jason Bourne Series)

“Rarely has anyone matched the probing manner of developing a thriller to the degree that James has accomplished. This is a brilliant book, one that clearly belongs on the bestseller list for the year! Goodreads review

“Don’t pick up this book unless you’ve got the afternoon off.  You won’t be putting it down again anytime soon.  James Smith has captured adventure in a bottle.  I’m already waiting for the next one.” Jeff Edwards, award-winning author of Sea of Shadows, Dome City Blues, and The Seventh Angel

“Unlikely heroes with smarts and soul, villains with dimension and resolve, and action to boot, James Marshall Smith nails the scientific action-thriller head on. You are in for a hell of a ride from start to finish. Silent Source literally turns the pages by itself!”Peter Greene, award-winning author of Warship Poseidon and Castle of Fire, and Director of the Clive Cussler Society’s Adventure Writers Competition.

“. . . a really terrific story with tons of suspense, expertly interwoven plot threads, and interesting characters. I was hooked from start to finish and sorry to see it end. . . . This story is absolutely begging to become a movie.” Gloria Boyer, GFB Editing

“I had can’t-put-the-book-down-syndrome with this one. This was a very edge of your seat, just one more page book. I found it very well written, with a good, believable storyline . . . Lots of unexpected twists and turns held my attention.” —Goodreads review


“His gut told him that somehow the rosary had played a role in Father O’Shannon’s sudden life-threatening illness. But a rosary of tourmaline beads that changed color overnight?” —from Silent Source 

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  1. I have preordered Silent Source on Kindle and am looking forward with great anticipation of reading it. I have been a close friend of Jim Smith since elementary school and have the greatest respect for his character and abilities. Jim is my hero – I wish him much success with this thriller.

  2. I just finished reading your book. I had to force myself to put it down to go to bed last night and grabbed it first thing this morning to finish it. It is absolutely riveting and I hope there will be a sequel. This book is right up there with all the current big name authors of books in this genre. Congratulations on this first novel. It is definitely a winner!

    • Thank you, Elaine! What a tribute to a debut author! The sequel will have to wait for the next thriller to come out in 2017–totally different threat and cast of unique characters. I think you will enjoy it, too, unless you like hiking in the backcountry of the West. The next novel (“Hybrid”) may make you think twice before heading out into the woods! 😉

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