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Shut Up and Write!

How about taking an hour out of your week–maybe even a couple of times a week–to dedicate yourself to writing those thank you notes you owe? Or that letter to a grieving friend? Maybe even a special letter you’ve been meaning for months to write to your mother? Or how about a scene for that […]

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The Colors of the Grand Olympic Parade in Rio

One of many associations that pops out as you watch Olympic athletes parade forth in Rio is the relationship between skin color and the earth’s latitude, from the ebony skins of Madagascar to the fair-skinned Danes. In complete contrast, you can’t help but note that beauty and ivory-white smiles aren’t owned by any special geography. […]

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Nuclear weapons testing and Stanley Kubrick’s classic movie: Dr. Strangelove

7/22/ 16: Here’s an excerpt from today’s posting by the National Security Archive in Washington, DC, under the banner of Operation Crossroads 70 Years Later: “Seventy years ago this month a joint U.S Army-Navy task force staged two atomic weapons tests at Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands, the first atomic explosions since the bombings of […]

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